Best of 2018 : Music , Albums #30-#11

  Greeting Cyano-Critters.  2018, what a year that was! Felt like it was only yesterday. Approximately the last year anyone was truly happy, it was a milestone in “hey things feel bad but are actually getting better in some ways”-type modern living. Enmeshed in the current diseased milieu, trying to even remember what year this is, 2018 is a fun jaunt to look back at. Continuing the tradition from over at Synthetic Error, let’s look at the best creative works of 2018, shall we? Kicking things off as usual, we’ll be looking at the year in music in 2018. As usual, my side of the culture war doesn’t have Noname or Robyn on the bench. Although mostly ignored by culture at large, rock had a surprisingly strong year in 2018, with critics forced to take notice of many good efforts from bands that will never grace Clear Channel radio. New Yorker music critic Kelefa Sanneh writes that music genres are formed by a need to define communities by both inclusion and exclusion, and this communal appr

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