Cyano Crits is the collected scattered diatribes from Cyanotetyphas. Oh artists, fear me for you will be judged! Or maybe just mentioned on a review blog updated a few times a month. I take special effort to compile Best Of lists every year, and to put together more complex features like Run The Bits. The meat and potatoes is reviews though.

Some may consider this blog a rambling exercise in overt opining, a showcase of cheap invective and blinkered criticism. If that sounds like the sort of thing you would enjoy, stay tuned for writing on Movies, Games, Music, and the occasional wandering essay!

 This all wouldn't exist without the attention and encouragement of my late great Father, so it is dedicated to him. 

Regarding Scoring

In my opinion, review scores are a form of polemic. Especially the ones that give 3 significant figures on their subjective opinion. However, I respect that a few digits helps you frame and quickly digest the information in a review. Therefore I include scores at a low resolution, out of 4.

4/4 – Amazing. A defining experience not to be missed. Should be, by definition, rare.

3/4 – Great and/or spectacular. Well done, and definitely worth your time.

2/4 – Merely good. May have parts which detract from the whole, but are balanced by good points or special considerations like fandom.

1/4 – Not worth your time and therefore, trash. Usually guilty of the the worst sin of all; being boring.

0/4 – Is anything truly irredeemable? Probably reserved for works where there are serious technical problems or have hatred directed out at the viewer.