Worth Watching/Listening – Like Clockwork from QOTSA


The judge says I'm not allowed to do the above anymore
The judge says I’m not allowed to do the above anymore

Queens of the Stone Age has a new all star album coming out in June with guest turns from the likes of Alex Turner (Artic Monkeys), Trent Reznor (NIN), Nick Oliveri and amazingly Elton John. The media released so far suggests that the new album, titled Like Clockwork, will be coming from a dark place, encapsulating Homme’s struggles over the last couple years. While not too far afield for QOTSA, you can get a taste of this vibe in a partially animated preview of the album that can be found here:

Like Clockwork

The video spans slightly truncated versions of 5 songs from the album and they’re all great. I may be a bit biased though, as I have already given the album a 12/10. Look forward to the review after I listen to the album for the first time!

As for the video, the gritty post industrial vibe seems to match the songs perfectly, with the stories of four loosely connected losers playing out in a city of no hope. The artist and animator have done a perfect job of framing the songs, such as the overlap of  the suddenly hopeful delusional breakdown in one song and the sequined sparkly background behind the dilapidated floating teddy bear. Well…maybe you’ll just have to see this one for yourself.


**Originally published on Synthetic Error