Coachella Music Festival – Day 2 Impressions

You can see all the celebrities from up here! Hey are they playing music?


Coachella day 2 is here and I’ve decided to give up drinking for my art: blogging.

Biffy Clyro – Good jamming from a band that’s been around forever. Not a bad way to start off the day.

Puscifer – I’ve listened to many Tool albums but never saw them in concert so I was interested to see this side project cum main project of Maynards. Well he’s still a weirdo. I dig the Graveyard BBQ flare but everyone on stage seems to be part of some In joke you don’t quite get. They had a trailer up on stage, white picket fencing and neon light iconography which Maynard would twitch and stumble around. The message becomes clearer when various members quaf some wine; these guys just like drinking wine and hanging out at festivals.

Violent Femmes – Quintessential summer festival music. Just a couple guys in buttoned shirts playing some summer funk.

Portugal The Man – Portugal sounded pretty good. Their hits came out impeccably live (which is actually the theme for today).

Grizzly Bear – Another band I’ve always liked but never seen live. First I was surprised that the two leads take turns singing, their vocal song is very similar and I thought it was the same person on the albums. While playing live the guitar loses some of the propulsiveness seen on the albums but you can really see the effort they put into the vocal harmonies. Overall it seems like they put on a good concert.

The Postal Service – The Death Cab guy is pretty unmistakable. After watching the 6-11 person efforts of the last four bands it’s weird to see just a girl and a guy in the forefront. Pretty much the definition of do one thing and do it well.

Jaenelle Monae – She really works hard on there. Even though Janelle doesn’t have to contend with an instrument she’s dancing around at all times and belting it out, an act of conscious effort that you can see displayed In her movements. But the vocal work is unaffected, she’s got a great voice. She definitely needs a drummer turned way the hell up though.

Pheonix – They put on a solid show but I kept mistaking every intro for a different song.

New Order – At first I didn’t know who these guys were but when they started playing it became clear – these guys are the eighties. Literally they form the ether that the 80’s is made up out of. Instant karaoke.

Well that’s it for today! Was it worth it? No way to tell till tomorrow when the ecstasy wears off! Or in my case, when I roll off the couch. Til then- Cyano.


** Originally published on Synthetic Error