Coachella Music Festival – Day 1 Impressions

Okay campers breakfast is at 11am right after you drop acid


This year I will be taking my rightful place at the throne of armchair commentary, streaming Coachella into my stuffy apartment via magic. I will try to replicate the dehydration, altered consciousness, and sweatiness by drinking vermouth and not showering. In this manner I should be able to perfectly replicate the Coachella experience and relate my impressions of the festival to you.

Beach House – They sound nice enough live but are a little boring

Of Monsters and Men – If you eat Mumford and Sons do you gain their power?

Modest Mouse – This was an interesting set for me because I was curious how they would sound live. The hits I’ve heard from them are very produced with careful vocal management. Unsurprisingly they are much grungier live. Float On is very different. Their frontman, Isaac Brock, puts a lot of energy and swagger into his set though so it was pretty easy to watch. He actually reminds me of Homme in many ways although not on par skill wise.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – She has a lot of energy and they’re pretty fun to listen to. The new No Doubt. When she sang that Off with Your Head song she had a weird crown that she slipped over her face so yeah she’s basically someone’s crazy aunt. (also yeah yeah)

Purity Ring – Purity Ring’s glitch infused siren sound does not translate well. I guess they might be the very definition of headphone music, as when they’re placed on an open stage their sounds spreads out into thin gruel. They had some “sound lanterns” that would play a tone when hit with a stick. That was a nice touch but I couldn’t tell whether it was playing the note or the laptop was doing the work. This is my major gripe with watching bands with laptops on stage.

Grinderman – Nick Cave is probably a zombie and he loves to sing about fucking. So that’s pretty cool. I thought he employed a homeless man to beat the crap out of a cymbal occasionally,  until the guy picked up a mini guitar and could play. Here are some stats, Cumulative age – 245 , Total Beard Length – 7 feet, Average Liver Weight – 17 lbs.

Blur – Never heard anything but the radio hit. They struck me as a variant of Oasis. Very British, very 90’s. When they bring the guitars it’s a lot of fun. Then he sat down at the harpsichord…

Foals – Pretty much an acid flashback to their set at Coachella two years ago, only this time they’re bigger so they’ve moved up the set ladder a bit. Still fun.

How To Destroy Angels – Excited to see Reznor. He looks like he’s having fun letting the old ball and chain take over most of the vocal duties. She was trying very hard to imitate his vocal stylings. I haven’t heard must from this project yet so I have to say it sounds a lot like cuts off The Fragile. The light show was interesting; laser projectors shot onto hanging thread screens that moved among the band members. Actually the lights and down tempo industrial made me sleepy. It was 1am by then so slam dunk!

Thats it for today, see you tomorrow Coachella!


**Originally published on Synthetic Error